Alone in my room and I hear a knock,
Icy electricity, I freeze in shock.
I try to swim but I can’t make it to the dock,
I’m running out of time, like a ticking clock.

Followed, then chased, not a race,
Falling on my face, surrounded, no space.
Surrounded by people, crowded by faces,
People repeating cliché phrases.

The lies hiding behind the joker’s smile,
The eyes of the dark, watching all the while,
And even when you’re alone, you’re being watched.

Long legged spider screaming at me
To stop my dreaming, get back to work or you’ll
Never be good enough, and you’re not as
Clever as you think you are.

Am I afraid of heights? Or the fall?
Or am I afraid of nothing at all?
Because the scary thoughts come at nightfall
And death seems more like an invitation, like a friendly call.

A permanent end is sweet, darkness enticing,
Delicious and deadly, like poison icing,
Toxic, damaged, and beyond repair,
Is life worth living if it’s a living nightmare?


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