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Another Friday afternoon spent avoiding the elephant in the room, with conversation as shallow as a kiddie pool. You pick her up from school, but she’s not your little girl anymore.

She’s no fool; she’ bigger now, wiser now, sees right through your lies and now she’s harder to manipulate—she speaks up. No longer afraid to irritate you, she won’t hesitate to debate you.

At dinner, irate. Trying to tell you the details of her day, change the subject, push her away, because you always need to have it your way.

But I still try to make excuses for you, telling myself you care, just more about the other side of the family than me.

You’re making it so hard to defend you, throwing blame, acting like you’re trying to mend things. You bend things, twisting words in my brain until I have a headache.

The questions you like to ask are not the ones I want to answer, yet you pry and you pry, saying, “what do you have to hide?” Casting your own blame aside, a reason for everything, always justified.

You’re blind to the harm you caused, convincing everyone that you’re “kind.” You say that you don’t mean to be mean, but you act like you can’t tell the difference between showing concern and being intrusive.

You think you’re the hero, saving lives—running around with the defibrillator, not checking for a pulse before you send electrical shocks to a heart that does not need to be restarted.

Your questions, offputting and erratic, intrude my mind with screeching static, as we sit trapped in standstill traffic.

Every day is another fight, wrong vs right, truth vs lie, intruding in someone else’s life. Ask about me. Ask about your daughter. Stop asking about my aunts, uncles, cousins, or anyone related to my mother.

After countless times of asking you not to put me in the middle, I am still the rope in this tug-of-war. You still put me on the spot, turn up the heat like a burger on the griddle. I feel my brain sizzle, the steam flowing out of my ears, because now it’s been 7 years, and you still like to pretend like you don’t get it. Don’t understand how when I ask you to pick me up, sometimes I regret it, but after we fight, you feign your apologies, and forget it.

Your “heart cries in silence”? Mine cries on full blast; you never listen, letting the time pass, but once there’s radio-silence, you have the audacity to ask, “Do you ever miss seeing me…?”

No, I don’t. I miss my sanity.


What The Mirror Sees In My Face

Deep brown galaxies with black holes in the center of each, 

ensconced in hollowed out pearls

on display behind glass cases.

Below the exhibition,

soft petals painted navy and plum

by the sleepless nights

with their brushes.

Coffee colored velvet

speckled with scars from insecurities

and delicate kisses

from the sun.

Small pink cave

chapped and cracked, with blisters inside

thoughts racing like comets

as the darkness approaches.

But still, the stars have not lost their fire,

perpetually shining light,

blinking from across the galaxy,

waiting for some sort of sign.

I see them twinkle from the distant black holes. 
They are blinking back at me.

Third Degree Burns

Tear stained skin as she drives,
heading down a street all too familiar to her,
a sky striped with the silhouette of palm trees
and painted a blazing bright scarlet red.

The sharp pain of a vague memory still lingers,
Like a paper cut on her finger,
how everything she touches finds a way to sting her,
but the pain, like a melancholy melody, sings her to sleep.
She weeps.

Trapped in a dream, a desire
A passion that blazed
But burned her with the fire.
The bitter taste of tea
Scalding her tongue,
Love was the oxygen
of now deprived lungs,
Yet the flame within her heart
Has not been extinguished.

How long will it take
for her to get over
an imaginary heartbreak?
How will she heal the invisible scars
of a fire that never happened?

12:01 AM

teach me how to stop crying
when the sun sets
a new day’s breath
after an old day’s death

wipe this painful story
from my mind
like rain off the windshield
it mimics my eyes

the free birds call out to me
the sun, again, will rise
and so

Finding You

I was the damp earth, reaching out into the abyss; cold, empty, and quiet.
I was alone, drifting and lost. I was the center of my own universe.

You are the sun.
Bursts of light within you guide me as I find myself.
You have now become the center of my solar system.
I worship you.

You’re brilliant, and I can be dense; nevertheless, you put up with me anyways.
On my coldest days, I feel the glow of your soul as you surround me in your embrace.

Your powerful magnetic field pulls me in.
At your core, you are a ticking time bomb, but I don’t care.

But I am not yours.

I am just another planet that revolves around your heavenly self, admiring from 4.22 light years away.

This one

This one is the blood rushing beneath my skin,
Causing pink lotus flowers to appear on my cheeks,
That burn bright despite my attempts to hide them.

This one is the glow of a flame at night,
And the closer I get, the more golden I feel
Until I get too close and burn to a crisp, melted on the inside.

This one is a choice I have to make.
I’m at a fork in the road,
But a fork isn’t dangerous until you stick it in an outlet.

And she is the electricity coursing through my veins.


Alone in my room and I hear a knock,
Icy electricity, I freeze in shock.
I try to swim but I can’t make it to the dock,
I’m running out of time, like a ticking clock.

Followed, then chased, not a race,
Falling on my face, surrounded, no space.
Surrounded by people, crowded by faces,
People repeating cliché phrases.

The lies hiding behind the joker’s smile,
The eyes of the dark, watching all the while,
And even when you’re alone, you’re being watched.

Long legged spider screaming at me
To stop my dreaming, get back to work or you’ll
Never be good enough, and you’re not as
Clever as you think you are.

Am I afraid of heights? Or the fall?
Or am I afraid of nothing at all?
Because the scary thoughts come at nightfall
And death seems more like an invitation, like a friendly call.

A permanent end is sweet, darkness enticing,
Delicious and deadly, like poison icing,
Toxic, damaged, and beyond repair,
Is life worth living if it’s a living nightmare?